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Despite being in business for over eleven years, Trustpilot is not accredited by the BBB.
Trustpilot has a consumer rating of 1.47 out of 5 indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied.
Consumers complaining about Trustpilot most frequently mention customer service, bad experience and integrity team problems.

TrustPilot is a form of near-perfect evil. If someone leaves a negative review of your business on TrustPilot, you can have it taken down - for a measly $400 per month. If you refuse to purchase their premium package, they can prioritize the negative review to be shown above the positive ones until you do. If your competitor hires a review-bombing spammer to add negative reviews en masse, well, you'll just have to upgrade to the next-tier plan. It's a shocking lack of integrity, but not surprising, given the business model. Anyway, it's disappointing that TrustPilot gets any publicity for being anything credible.

The place where your concerns really matter. We like to think of ourselves as a virtual conference room where constructive conversations happen between companies and customers
Trustpilot reviews & complaints. 26 complaints. 2 resolved. 24 unresolved

Trustpilot Ripoff Reports, Complaints, Reviews, Scams, Lawsuits and Frauds Reported. Showing 1-25 of 167 Found Reports

Trustpilot has a consumer rating of 1.47 stars from 706 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Trustpilot most frequently mention customer service, bad experience and integrity team problems.Trustpilot ranks 54th among Internet Safety sites.

Trustpilot Reviews - 1.3 Rating out of 5. 2,206 Reviews
Jude - "Trustpilot is a massive scam and their content integrity team is a bunch of lying wankers and complete morons".

Can you trust Trustpilot? – 9 million reviews studied
Trustpilot must make significant improvements to their fraud detection algorithms and take strict action against repeated offenders. They should not be relying on consumers to do the job of their compliance team. While Trustpilot’s business model remains dependent on the businesses who pay to use its service, it can never be a platform that consumers can wholly trust to be impartial. - Barry Kirley - Head of Trading at The Growth Foundation

It was suggested by a very helpful TrustPilot sales agent that if my business throws nearly £12k at them for a year, we would be able to have so much more functionality and gizmos to be able to invite, respond and remove reviews for the business.
So if they are failing to remove AND suggesting that I could pay them some money to get some tools that will help me remove the reviews... wouldn't you consider that as some kind of blackmail?

Frank LLP announces the filing of a federal class action lawsuit against Trustpilot Inc. and Trustpilot A/S (together, “Trustpilot”), famous for the customer-reviews website. The suit alleges Trustpilot subscribers, mainly small to mid-sized companies, were subjected to deceptive business practices, among other violations of the law.

Fake five-star reviews being bought and sold online. BBC 5 live Investigates was able to buy a false, five-star recommendation placed on one of the world's leading review websites, Trustpilot. It also uncovered online forums where Amazon shoppers are offered full refunds in exchange for product reviews.

Are Trustpilot reviews trustable? No they’re not. They have no problem if you score a company high, they never request any further information to see if the review is genuine but if you put a 1 star review they ask for more information and even when provided they don’t reinstate the bad review. They also always take the companies word over yours even with evidence and then remove the review. I’ve had 2 genuine bad reviews removed recently and not had 1 question about the good ones. I do not trust them at all and will no longer use them to review or to check reviews as it has been proved no me they are biased and only like good reviews.

We actually found a website you can buy reviews.
If you can buy reviews how trustworthy is TrustPilot?

Trustpilot’s first transparency report reveals one in twenty reviews are fakes, Sean Hargrave reports

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